Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain // Tasmania, Australia

Cradle Mountain was one of the most magical places I had ever been. This is the second last set of images and posts from my Tasmania adventure. These images were taken on the Dove Lake Circuit, at the foot of Cradle Mountain. After free-camping a little while away, we drove to the pick up point where a shuttle bus would take us to the beginning of the circuit. Winding through deep, lush forest, out through valleys and mountain sides, we arrived at Dove Lake.

Cradle Mountain was covered in a blanket of thick clouds, only peeping out momentarily. It got its name from its likeness to a baby's cradle, with the baby's head just showing (you can see it in the very last image). We began the walk and the bitter winds blew forcefully through us. It began with such an open, slightly barren, rocky environment, suddenly slipping into rich Australian bushland. Before we knew it, our surroundings became rainforest-like. Cooler, darker and every shade of green that you could imagine. Moss crawled and covered almost everything it could; claiming the tallest fallen trees, almost bringing them back to life. We stepped foot into the 'Ballroom Forest'. I can hardly explain the feeling I felt walking into this forest. It was like I was five again. My mind wandered and I could see fairies dancing among the soft moss, gathering by the clear waters of the creek. Walking into such magic, with trees so old and wise, they were like the elders of the forest. I felt blessed to be there. It was like the elders watched over me, as I stood at their feet. I respected their way. It was a deep connection that I'll never forget. 

As we left the forest, the land changed again, opening out to a rocky mountain side. The clouds greeted us and it began to snow. It was only light, but it still made me burst with joy. I hadn't touched snow since I was a young child. Pure happiness, was all that existed in that moment. 

The journey took us just over two or three hours. A journey I could do a thousand times over. Thank you Dove Lake for all you gave. For your elders who welcomed our souls and gave us more than they know. The grounding of purity, respect and gratitude. Thank you.