The Road to Cradle Mountain // Tasmania, Australia

Our journey began to one of my favourite places of the adventure; Cradle Mountain. On the road, we were gifted with one of the most beautiful sunsets I had and have ever seen. The sky, like flames, softly changing to pastels. It painted the world around us shades of gold and pink. We hit the road again and suddenly darkness fell. We hadn't found our next campsite. So after a lot of driving around and asking locals, we travelled to another free campsite, a little while out from Cradle Mountain. This was one of the coldest nights we had yet. It wasn't the first time we arrived at our campsite at night. It's almost exciting in a way, knowing that when you wake up, all your surroundings are a complete surprise! This campsite was beautiful and surprisingly, it was straight off the main road (not that it's a busy main road at all).

I woke early again before the others and slipped out of bed into a bitterly cold morning. It didn't stop me from going on a little exploration around the area. The sun slowly rose above the hill ahead, turning the sky a soft yellow and pink. The river beside us, ran loudly. I sat and listened, admiring it's unknowing strength. I continued to find plant species I'd never seen before and it repeatedly astounded me.

By the time I got back, Brad was out on an adventure too. We both met back at the van and made the morning ritual chai tea. We cooked breakfast, got ready for the day and made our way to Cradle Mountain.