Douglas Aspley National Park // Tasmania, Australia

We did a whole lot of driving on this day. Most days, actually. We left our magical spot at Diana's Basin and were bound for the Douglas Aspley National Park. The roads wound through mountains and past fields by the sea. The ocean was too beautiful to keep driving, so we stopped and felt the sand between our toes. Before we knew it, we were driving through the country side. That's something I found remarkable about Tasmania; it's incredible diversity, so closely connected. Nearing the end of the trip when we were walking the Dove Lake circuit, I thought about the incredible diversity. The combination of words that came to mind for Tasmania was the land of diverse symbiosis. All the terrains and ecosystems, so different from each other, but yet, so intertwined. 

We reached the national park and began the hike to the Douglas Aspley Gorge. Some parts of the hike weren't easy, but it was all worth it once we arrived. We were all so warm by the time we got there, we took off all our winter layers and splashed ourselves with the fresh running water. We lay on the rocks, warming our skin with the sun. Soon it was time to leave, so we decided to take a different route back, down stream. The rocks were quite slippery, but alas we continued only for a few minutes when I took quite a fall, saving my camera before myself (fellow photographer friends will probably understand why...). I slipped backwards and luckily my backpack softened the fall, so nothing was hurt. Some of my friends had a couple of slips before me, so we thought that was enough bad luck and decided to go back the way we came. 

On our way back, we couldn't help but stay a little longer to take some more photos. It began to rain lightly only for a moment. Long enough for me to capture its beauty kissing the rocks of the river.