Diana's Basin // Tasmania, Australia

Our third home for the night was Diana's Basin. It was a complete spontaneous decision to camp here, as the sun was quickly bidding the day farewell. We planned to drive much further to another campsite, but we didn't have time. We pulled in and searched for a site. A space, cleared perfectly amongst a circle of ghost-gums. The golden light kissed our skin and danced across the water right before us, while we gathered firewood from dead trees and set up camp. That night, the sky was illuminated by millions of sparkling stars. We all walked into the darkness to see the magic above.

Before we knew it, the new day was before us. I woke earlier than the others, and quietly climbed out of bed to take some photos of the clouded mountains ahead. The peaceful quietness of just sitting by the river bank, watching the birds cruise the water and the sun rising was a blissful state that I can't quite explain. Soon, the others woke, we cooked breakfast, packed up and made our way to the Douglas Aspley National Park.