Bay of Fires // Tasmania, Australia

It's been almost a month since I've posted images from my trip to Tasmania in July. Slowly, but surely they are making an appearance! This set of images were taken at the stunning Bay of Fires. It was our second stop of the adventure. We set off from our first campsite in the morning and arrived to the white-sanded beach, with rolling storm clouds above. As cold as it was, a young boy ran shirtless, splashing in the sea; something none of us could comprehend, while we watched and shivered. I walked to the shore and danced my fingers in the cold ocean. We then found our way to the famous fiery coloured boulders of the bay and clambered over them to take photos and soak up some warmth from the sun poking its way through the clouds. We found a playground on our way to a cafe that overlooked the bay. In seconds, we reverted back to the inner child and hung from the monkey-bars and swung from the swings. After our childhood-embracing detour, we warmed up with some hot drinks before hitting the road again.