Policemans Point // Tasmania, Australia

Our first stop for the trip was Policemans Point. I flew in to Launceston in the evening and my friends picked me up in the Wicked campervan that we would be living in for the next week. We drove for an hour or so, and pulled off the road to cook dinner. Well, we had dinner made for us actually, by the head chef of the trip, Brad. Before we knew it, we were back on the road. Since it was dark, driving on unsealed roads, we had to move quite slowly due to the crazy amount of wildlife around. There was no reception out where we were, so it was back to good old REAL map reading for us to find our way; and eventually we got to our destination! 

The next morning, our van overlooked a beautiful field, with mountains in the distance. I took a walk and noticed all the new kinds of flora I'd never seen before. We made chai and walked down to the seaside to find the clearest of waters running over pure white sand. One thing I couldn't believe was the size of the seaweed washed to shore. Seaweed with growth wider than my handspan. I'd never seen it before! We collected pretty seashells and walked back for breakfast, ready to hit the road again.